Novers Park Community and Social Club Ltd

Built by the Community for the Community

This Club was built by community for the community and will continue for the community and it’s members.  This club is now looking to progress, improve and get ready for another 60 years plus.

The building work and foundations of this club was started in 1960 and the building was completed in 1962 and stands as proud as it did back then. The building has gone through some changes through the years but it has survived and carried on serving the community and the members for 58 years now.

Tradition is a great and a wonderful thing to hold on to and not to be looked down upon, but things do have to move with the times as well but this does not mean we forget either. With all the respect and remembrance of yesteryear and for those that thought, planned and built this building I am looking for any old photos, plans or documents to help preserve the clubs history for future generations to come.

So to make the future look better we have to remember the past and the history that has happened already.As to the future that starts now, so come and join the club be part of the history and the story of this club.

So here we are 2019 and the club is rolling on and what is great this is now the club’s 59th Anniversary and we are looking at celebrating our 60th at the end of this year.
Improvements have already begun but they are small and being kept to minimum. These improvements will carry on through out the year and there may be times when members are disturbed but please be patient because it is all being done for the benefit and welfare of our members.

Our club founders had an idea and built that idea and now it is our turn to promote their idea for the future and beyond.

The club exists for the members and their families and the club needs the backing of the community at large, old or new members, we are here to serve you.

The Mission of this club is to serve and provide what we can to the great community of Knowle, Bristol.

This club was built by the community for the community and that is it's full purpose and what it stands for.

The club must move with the times and improve and grow and offer new and old a like.

The Club is a Community Centre and a Social Club which means it is a Family Club where all are welcome.

The Club is looking to the future and wants to be the hub of the community.

This club has been running for 59 Years now and is still standing tall.

Community Centre

The Community Centre is looking to expand on the groups we provide already.

We have one main hall with a lot of space and stage for those that want to practice.

All we need is New groups or running groups that wish to set up in a new place or even expand.

There is no harm in ringing and speaking to us but better still pay us a visit and see what we can offer.

Social Club.

We are open most nights and have a great deal to offer.

We have Pool tables, Dart boards, Skittle Alley and a Snooker Table.

We have 2 Sunday night Darts team (mixed), 2 Thursday Night Women's Team and Recently joining us a Monday Night Darts Team

We also have a Sunday Nights Pool Team.

There are also 5 Skittle Teams (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday Teams)

You may like to join one of these teams or if you are looking for a place to bring a team then come and have a chat and we will see what we can provide.

  • Novers Park Community Centre
  • Novers Park Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1RN

Getting a membership to the club is very easy.

All everyone has to do is pop in and pick up a membership form and fill it out.

If you know people who are members then ask them to propose you and it should be cleared at the next committee meeting.

Why become a member?

A question regularly asked and not an easy one to answer......

But here is my answer:

This club was built for the community and the more support it receives, then more improvements can be made.

The more members that join and use the club it helps keeps the cost down. (especially the drink)

My biggest answer is where else can you join for less than 10 pence a week on the renewal price.

First time members, less than 12 pence a week.

For that cost if you book the hall out for a special event, birthday, anniversary or for any other reason you save £50.

The main reason for the club is to show support and keep it going for generations to come.

In today's society where else could you take your whole family out, including the children.

The only thing we ask is that everyone respects the club and takes responsibility for their children not to upset other members.

Other than that have fun and enjoy yourself and make friends.


Other Reasons:

We try to keep the prices down - You can buy 3 pints for less than £10. (including our dearest draught beer)

We are Local - So you could walk to the club and back unless you want to pay for a taxi.

You become a friend to all rather than a strange face at a bar.

This is Novers Park Community and Social Club Ltd.

Normally known as "The Novers"

Picture 1:

To the right is the Social Bar and following down is the kitchen.

Picture 2:

This is a fuller picture of our great hall and as you can see there is a stage at the end for bands and DJ's to set up on.

This Hall is very spacious and can hold most events that members or the community may wish to hold.

Visit our Hall Hire section for prices.

To the right are the doors that lead to the skittle Alley.

Skittle Alley:

We currently have 5 teams that use this alley.

4 Teams play here during the week and they play every other Tuesday and Thursday and 2 Team play on Friday.

If there are any skittle teams looking for a home then by all means come and visit and check the alley out.

As you can see from the picture the alley is covered unless in use so this also allows the club to expand for bigger parties or events if required.

Snooker Room:

This room is to the back right of the club building.  No children are allowed into the room.

The main challenge for any one on this table is the pocket sizes because this is a genuine Billard Table.

The knuckle are unforgiven so you have to pot the balls clean.

Light Hire is £1 for 60 mins.  (try getting that price anywhere else)

The Lounge Area:

The lounge area is a comfortable size and is used when there are other events happening in the main hall.

We have recently had a Monday Night Darts Team join the club and this is where they play.

There is an upstairs bar.

Again If any company or group is looking for space to hold a meeting, then please give us a call or visit.

The Car Park and Playing Field:

There is room to park cars and if required for extra parking we use the field as well.

The Playing field is lovely to use during the summer or sunny days when we get them.

Great fun for the children to play and round about.

If you would like more details then please give us a ring but I would suggest visiting would give you a better feel for the club.

Look forward to hearing or seeing you Soon

The following are weekly events that are currently happening at the club:





Up in the lounge we have Bingo for members

Darts every Sunday (unless there is a change)

Sunday night Pool Team (when at Home)



Monday Night Bingo in the Main Hall



Skittles every other week ( unless stated differently )



Wednesday Club



Skittles every other week ( unless stated differently )



Friday Club.


Skittles every week ( unless stated differently )



Every 2nd Saturday of the month Disco Night.

Past Events

St Patrick's Day Party16 Mar 2019Novers Park Community Centre
Happy Valentines Day Party16 Feb 2019Novers Park Community Centre
Darts Fund-raiser09 Feb 2019Novers Park Community Centre

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